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"I have worked with Agnieszka for several years since 2017, she worked as CFO of Trigranit.
Agnieszka excelled in her role and always showed high level of proficiency and productivity.
She accepted very challenging role of establishing and managing new company Mercury focused on providing reporting and financial services to Revetas. She smoothly and efficiently implemented all processes to make Mercury come fully operational.
Agnieszka has positive and proactive approach to any tasks she is working on; she is also taking active part on internal Equality initiative and has leading role in internal Women Forum.
I am grateful for her contribution to our team.”

Eric Assimakopoulos

Managing Partner

Revetas Capital

"I had the pleasure to work with Agnieszka Turowska since 2013 when she held various senior finance roles at TriGranit.  Agnieszka is a thoughtful, detail-oriented and knowledgeable finance professional who thrives in multidisciplinary and cross-border environments.  She is a hard-working, capable leader who inspires and encourages team members and can be relied upon to make hard decisions and steer an organization through challenging times."

Tomasz Lisiecki

Chief Executive Officer


"I met Agnieszka at the beginning of 2017 at TriGranit. At that time, Agnieszka was in charge of finances at the level of our Group. It was a relatively dynamic period of the company's development, full of changes.At the meetings in which I participated together with Agnieszka, I could observe her great skills in conducting difficult discussions and negotiations, many times under the pressure of time. Agnieszka demonstrated the ability to solve problems that often go beyond the area of finance and make sometimes difficult, but necessary from the point of view of the company's operation, operational decisions, combining knowledge and experience in many areas of business. Moreover, Agnieszka is a motivated and well-organized person, focused on achieving her goals, repeatedly with success, as exemplified by Mercury"

Mariusz Domeracki

Chief Financial Officer CEECeres Management Services